Thanksgiving in Bruce, Wisconsin

I got to spend Thanksgiving weekend with Bridget and her family in Bruce, Wisconsin.

I kept forgetting exactly what I did for Thanksgiving last year… then I remembered – last Thanksgiving I spent in Minneapolis with mom, and we had a big turkey from Daytons…

That would mean this Thanksgiving is my first with the Dearhamers. As usual, I was told, it takes place at Rickey’s.

Attendees include the Dearhamers: Doug (Sr. and Jr.), Andy, Tracy, Grandma Billie, Grandma Nita, and Bridget. The Hultman’s were also there: Rickey, Chris, Tina, Josh, Vickie. But of course who could forget the newlywed Bitneys: Joel and Mya.

Me being the newcomer I was also introduced to Grandpa Ralph’s friend Kenny and his son Trevor, who are in Bruce for the yearly tradition of deer-hunting.

But of course I didn’t forget the children: Jerry, Justin, Savannah, Brittney, Faith, Marissa!

All in all a great weekend of feeling like a part of a family. Thank you everyone!