Weekend In New York

GOT MY CAMERA BACK!!! Just in time when Nadja is visiting the United States. Got to visit a museum, eat at an excellent Chinese restaurant (for $3.95 a meal!), and rode in a RX-7 Twin Turbo…

This is my friend Bill:, sometime triathlete, fulltime computer genius nice guy. Bill race cars for fun (legally, at the tracks of course):

Then we went to pick Nadja up from the airport (Nadja is the daughter of Helmut, who’s appeared in numerous photos of my travelogue-Germany section). Nadja is visiting the United States and I figure she should come experience New York City as part of her US-visit.

First stop, Chinatown and Little Italy

Next stop, Natural History Museum

Next day – driving around NYC, with a quick stop at Hard Rock Cafe NYC

After dropping Nadja off at the airport, Bill drove me to introduce me to his friend Chris Benko. On the way to Chris’, a car dealership