Calistoga, CA

Four days of relaxing vacation in San Francisco… what else to do but to rent a Mustang Convertable, beautiful room at a nice bed-and-breakfast, full-body massage, and an hour of facial… BAD NEWS… on the way to the airport, I left my CoolPix on the ROOF of my car… Total damage is around $230… about the same as the discount I got by buying the camera on-line… Thanks Bill for lending me the CoolPix 950 in such short notice!

After realizing that I’ve been travelling for work since DRUPA (May, 2000), Took a few days off to enjoy a relaxing long weekend in Calistoga, California…

Of course, no matter how much one tries to plan ahead… something always gets left beind… we were in such a big rush to the airport, that halfway through driving on highway 62, I realized that the last time I saw my recently purchased Nikon CoolPix 800 was on top of my GTI… oops.

A quick phone call to Dougie and he found the camera two blocks away, sitting on asphalt… Bad news, the shutter button is broken. Good news, pictures can still be taken. The CoolPix still works like a champ! Final damage – $230 to repair… ouch.