Germany May 2000 (Pt. 6)

We drove to Am Steigkopf, a restaurant in the middle of the forest. There we bumped into Nadja, who was there with her friend Claudia, both riding their horses:

The Frankens and Claudia

For dinner, I was invited to one of Helmut’s friend’s house, in Lorsch: The host, Franz, grilling pork steaks, chicken, and bratwurst. The party went on into the night, and ended around 2am… some funny pictures:

Midway through the party… Helmut: “There’s a fly in my beer!?!?! I am going to get another one”

Meanwhile, Horst disappeared first into the cellar…

… and got the last beer. Horst: “Hee hee!”

Helmut “……….”

May 14. Woke up and went to the Franken’s, but Helmut had already left with Gerhard (TOUGH MEN!) for their bike-ride. Decided to take Orsa out for a walk in the mountains behind Helmut’s back yard… then got lost:

A word from the wise, Helmut: “Enjoy this last weekend in Moerlenbach – next week we’re in Dusseldorf”… The mental preparation begins. Helmut prepared dinner with his Weber grill (my last BBQ for this trip in Germany)…