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I have accepted the fact that I travel a lot, so much that occasionally flight attendents recognize me. The least I can do is to enjoy all my trips.

So I went out and bought a digital camera. Whenever I have time, I occasionally will wander around like an Asian tourist and snap photographs like it was my job.

This page contains all the images which I have taken, and numerous scans of pictures taken from years past.

It includes pictures of my friends and family during the times I grew up iin Taiwan, going to school in Hong Kong, Japan, New York, living in Minnesota, and now Los Angeles.

This area also contain
my travel photos, for both business and pleasure.

These are the pictures I took in the past few years. Feel free to browse around to see if you are in one of the galleries!

Thanks for visiting the Lewis Lau photo album page!

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    This page last updated 25-Aug-2016 .