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Happy Birthday, Mom

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Meant to post this earlier today but work got in the way... Me and my mother, back in Minneapolis, around 1998.

Music video Saturday

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Happy Saturday. Sitting on the beach by Crystal Cove (between Newport and Laguna Beach) watching the waves. Tried to surf but the waves were a bit small for my amateurish skills :(

Had wanted to post this earlier in the week but kept forgetting...

A cover video featuring one of my favorite musicians, Jason Mraz:

Sweet Tooth

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I used to LOVE sweets, and everything with sugar. Back in high school I used to drink ~10 cans of coke, eat an endless supply of Toblerone, Almond Rocha, and Ferrero Rocher, and THEN dinner, all day long.

But of course my metabolism back then probably burned 2000 calories per hour.

Fast forward 20 years, and these days the majority of my calorie intake is from 1)alcohol, 2)food, and THEN 3)sweets.

There are a few remnants which I can't yet quit: Krispy Kreme being one of them - my favorite is the maple-glazed donut, a 200-calorie, deep-fried piece of flour/water paste, straight from heaven...


Just read this article on the web:

Basically the pilot forgot to turn off the PA, and noticing that the plane was having problems told his colleague (I assume the first officer) that the "plane was going down". Obviously that created a panic in the cabin...

A few years back, when I was living in Minneapolis, I had experienced the same situation - we were flying through a storm late night, and it was VERY windy - I was already nervous from the bouncy plane (people who know me knows how much I LOVE turbulence - NOT), when suddenly the flight attendants serving drinks ran past me with their serving trays, buckled themselves in, and started flipping through a manual (sort of like what Sandra Bullock did when she entered the Chinese satellite, in the movie Gravity).

Her intercom phone rang, she picked up, and said quietly (which I overheard) that "Captain XXXXX said that we're going down" then quickly hung up and went back to flipping through her book.

It was completly dark outside so orienting ourselves was impossible to know if we were climbing, descending, or going straight down...

I closed my eyes, and started praying in silence, and noticed that an old lady across from me was also praying, out loud - so I reached my hand over on her hand - somehow believing that with us touching, our combined being we would be strong enough to not $h1+ our pants :{

After about 5 minutes of crazy shaking, suddenly the plane stopped, and a few more minutes after that the flight attendants walked back up the aisle like nothing happened. No announcements, nothing from anyone.

When we landed the pilot's doors were still shut, and I just walked quickly into the terminal, on solid ground, and glad to be alive.

Not sure if I would rather have known that our plane was malfunctioning, or just be oblivious to the whole situation, as there is nothing I can do in either case... what about you?

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People think I am grumpy in the morning - they're absolutely right.
Thing is, they don't know that I could be EVEN WORSE without coffee every day at this time :) Been up since 5:45 this morning, getting ready to visit our friend Danny, Tung, and John for the weekend! Grumpiness, go away before I drown you with more black coffee :P

Hello Kitty California Red

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8:00pm. Posting one more mobile pix... Julia and Svenja are working on dinner, while I drink a beer and open a bottle of Hello Kitty red :) (If you haven't noticed, I'm still quite excited about the newly (re)built server)!

Test Mobile Entry

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What I ate for lunch today. Test mobile post from my iOS device :)

Web Site Back On Line

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After a 4-month hiatus, is back up and running! Long story short we had a server meltdown, and after numerous failed rebuilds and database-restores, we are now on a brand new server :)

The journey back wasn't too easy, but with help from my friend Bill we finally got all our posts recovered!

The picture above was taken a few days ago during sunset, in Santa Monica.

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