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Ladybugs, pt. Deux

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Last week we bought a box of ladybugs to rid our tree of lice/aphids. didn't read the instructions (we were excited to release hundreds of ladybugs!!!) to NOT RELEASE THEM DURING THE DAY. Oops.

Most of them flew away immediately :(

So yesterday we bought TWO boxes, and followed instructions to release them at night (they supposedly don't fly / migrate in the dark).

This morning we checked and most of them are still munching away at the aphid buffet.

Hopefully this time they stay until the lice problem is gone!
20130705_cars_washed.jpgWoke up early after our 7/4 bike ride and decided that I wanted to hand wash both our cars and give it a wax... The wash took approximately 40 minutes total, and the interior about an hour.

The part that took the most time was the waxing - one layer of cleaner wax applied by hand to Julia's VW SUV: 1 hour. Hand removal of wax: 15 minutes. Second layer of liquid carnauba wax applied by hand: 30 minutes. Hand removal of wax: 15 minutes.

While resting and staring at my trusty old Infiniti I decided to take a shortcut - busted out my orbital wax polisher, and applied cleaner wax: 10 minutes followed by hand removal of wax: 10 minutes. Liquid carnauba layer: 10 minutes. Removal: 10 minutes.

Then I spent another 10 minutes staring at the mirror finishes of both cars

Glad I don't do this EVERY week :)


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A delayed post from two nights ago - tested fitting two bikes into the trunk of our mini-SUV (the bike rack has to wait, as I'm still waiting for the arrival of our hitch receiver) on Independence Day by driving down to Sunset Beach and then riding down towards
Huntington Beach to have dinner and watch the fireworks.

While on Facebook Julia noticed that some of our friends were also in the area so we ended up watching fireworks together before doing our 6.6-mile bike rode back to our car!

Above picture was taken while enjoying the fireworks show at HB :)

The worst traffic section on the 5 Freeway

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I hate driving on the 5. I tell everyone who visits how much I hate it - sometimes I will drive another 10 miles just so that I can avoid this moronic freeway, which somehow always bottleneck (read: standstill) at the SAME exact spots.

The picture above was from one of the worst section, in my opinion - earlier this week I literally averaged 5 miles per hour for almost an hour - in the end the 27 mile journey from Orange County took me almost 2 hours.


Just a regular work day...

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Woke up early this morning to visit a customer in Irvine... 40 miles took me an hour and a half - funny to hear the customer tell me that he is considering moving to downtown LA with his girlfriend (which means he has to do the same trek twice, every freaking day!) 

Work got busy and so I skipped breakfast and lunch - ended up munching on Doritos and Fritos instead :(

Good news is that Julia is making pasta tonight!

The above picture was taken a few days ago, near Santa Monica/Fairfax :)

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