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short vacation in La Londe Les Maures

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Spending a few days for a short R&R in the South of France. While on the short flight from Frankfurt to Nice I was assigned a window seat, so I decided to try my luck - shortly after we pulled away from the gate I positioned my camera in hand, and started the shutter timer FOR THE NEXT 1.5 HOURS. Yes you read that correctly - I held the camera by the window the entire flight with one hand (while eating a sandwich and drinking a coke)...

Thanks to the Lufthansa crew for not harassing me for having an ELECTRONIC DEVICE turned on the whole time during our flight :P

I think despite the movements of my hand the end result turned out quite well :)

Looking forward to the weekend...

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After work today I finally picked up my surfboard from the repair shop (bought it off Craigslist for cheap, only to find out that the board had a buckle/crack halfway - lesson learned: WHEN BUYING A USED SURFBOARD MAKE SURE YOU SCRAPE OFF ALL WAX SO EVERY DAMAGE IS VISIBLE!). Took three weeks but I also learned tonight that resin used for repairs doesn't dry well when the temperature is 100+ during the day...

During the week I also went and bought a new pair of hiking shoes and backpack - 60% off of retail. Yeah!

In any case usually I'd be excited to go surfing or hiking this weekend, but I am looking forward to something A LOT more fun. More details later ;)

Bye Bye Seattle

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Thanks Seattle, it's been fun. See you next time :)

No sir, none of these tonight

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... Instead I ordered myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc - just one before I move my tired body to my hotel bed upstairs. Drove from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA this afternoon for two more days of work on the road. While wrapping up work in my room earlier this evening I received some good news via email. The past month has been quite tough - things just not going my way - so I am glad something refreshing came in this direction. Other than that, just have to keep my thoughts positive for now and try to stay happy :)

Let's go home...

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I like how San Francisco advertises with an open mind ;) Heading home for 1.5 days, before heading out again. Hopefully my surfboard repair gets completed tonight as Don, my "bro" (voted on yelp as one of the best board repair guys in LA) works on it while I am in the air - otherwise it will be a chill evening doing laundry and getting ready for the beach (surf or body board) tomorrow! Gate closing. Lewis out :)

Lullabies (Live) by Yuna

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Yuna in concert, live at The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, California. August 2, 2012. She was the opening act for Goapele.

I went for Yuna, and left shortly after her performance (had a early morning meeting so needed my sleep). Her 30-minute set included:

Lullabies (the video above)
Bad Idea
Remember Your Name
Live Your Life

Enjoy :)

Listen, and Support her music

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Yuna + Goapele

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The first time in my life buying a pair of concert ticket just for the OPENING ACT. But Yuna mesmerized me with her 30-minute set. I really hope this girl makes it big in the USA soon. Tried to video all her songs to place on Vimeo and YouTube to get her name out there, but my stupid 16GB iPhone ran out of storage space :( Check her out at her web site, or better yet, buy her album!
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