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My new hobby ;)

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Picked up my new toy after work today...!


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Maybe I should've bought the FULL wetsuit instead...

Surf Saturday!

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My friend Eugene and I decided to go surfing in Newport Beach this morning. Wetsuit - check. Sunscreen - check. Parking meter - check. Surfboard rental - check. About an hour into it Eugene got stung on his foot by a stingray and had to sit at the lifeguard station somewhere (I was told he'll be back soon by one of the lifeguards). At around noon, surfing was prohibited because of the amount of people around. Oh well - I guess I'll get a tan instead ;)

Photomosaic Friday

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Click on the above image and find yourself in our wedding picture photo mosaic!

What I get to do when my flights get delayed

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20120722pilotview1.jpgSome people gets grumpy, some gets antsy. Me - I grab my camera and head towards the cabin like a kid going to Disney's Space Mountain for the first time, aside from the pushing other kids out of the way part.

HDR result of the cockpit. Here is another shot.


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This was the nickname for Minneapolis from a colleague of mine from New York, who didn't think too much of The town at the time.

Sitting in LAX thinking that it's been 7 years since I moved away - I still miss the super-hot summers and beautiful fall colors. But even years later I don't kid myself and pretend that I enjoy the black ice spin-outs on the freeway, or minus-fifty degrees Fahrenheit temperature :|

That said, I'm on my way to the town I called home for eleven years. See you all soon!

By the way, the colleague himself now lives in 'Minnenoplace' ;)

F1 Grand Prix: Germany

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Bed time! Waking up in 4 hours to watch F1 Grand Prix on live broadcast from Germany... :)
20120721_comments.jpgAfter working on my blog on this quiet Friday night, I've successfully enabled the commenting system to allow those with Google, Facebook, and Mixi accounts to be able to log in "natively" and post comments to my site (or sign my guestbook)!

My other favorite album this summer - Yuna

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20120720_yunamusic1.jpgThe other day I posted that John Mayer's new album, Born and Raised, is my current favorite album this summer - I have it on repeat in my car for the past three weeks, non-stop (yeah, I am that OCD).

At home I've decided to have some variety, so I have THIS album on repeat on my PS3 - again, play album, repeat.

John Mayer needs no introduction, obviously. So I want to take the time to give this girl, Yuna, a shout-out. She is originally from Malaysia, and had just recenty released her new self-titled album a few months ago. A few weeks ago I heard this song, and was immediately hooked.

If I have to give one word to describe her voice, it would be... ethereal. Check it out, or better yet, buy her album :)

It is official

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Guys - I think I found Alice. Now I just need to lure her back to Wonderland.

Chill Evening

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With work finally winding down for the day, I am  taking a break from the gym tonight (ran my butt off for 30 minutes yesterday). Broke open a bottle of Heineken Light, listening to my current favorite album this summer (seriously, it's JM's best album so far), and trying to complete this lewislau.com redesign (which, funnily, looks almost exactly the same as before) and finishing up our online wedding photo album (almost done, I promise!)

Oh yeah - for those who isn't on FB or someone I usually talk to - Julia and I got married in March this year, and a few weeks ago we had a small church ceremony and wedding reception in Bonn/Godesburg, Germany with some family and friends. It was great fun and I miss being with everyone under one roof - it's strange, but as we get older it becomes harder and harder to have all your friends gather for anything anymore (thanks to those who traveled afar to hang out - and for some of you - HELP us organize the events leading to the reception)!

Julia is still in Germany, awaiting her visa to get approved so she can join me here in LA (as with all things government, no way of knowing how long this may take). Until then it's back to what we normally do - Skype.

The picture above is the always-amazing Cologne Cathedral (also called the 'Dome') which never ceases to amaze me, and humble me every time I visit to try to take a picture - only to swallow my defeat for not knowing how to take ANY picture of this ginormous building. I think next time I'll try to bring a fisheye lens and try it once more.

Traffic Jam, it's a L.A. thing

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Been here for a few years already, so I understand the concept of a bad traffic jam. But FOUR bumper-to-bumper backed-up traffic in 18 miles? Argh. Oh yeah while I am on that subject - whoever decided to build a friggin baseball stadium off a two-lane highway IS A MORON.

Don't Wanna Wake-Up...

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(grumpy mode) Good morning... Tired but work beckons. There is an espresso shot waiting downstairs, and a cup of joe at Starbucks somewhere in Long Beach. Then I have my ('emergency') can of red bull in the trunk, just in case if that's not enough caffeine for the day - just kidding! Shower comes first. :) In any case have a good Tuesday everyone!

New Pet...?

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20110716_hummingbird.jpgI've seen hundreds of pictures of a Hummingbirds in flight - but never one sitting on a tree branch, and swaying its head left and right like Stevie Wonder - I was so mesmerized I stared at it for almost 5 minutes this morning ;)

Since moving into our new place in March we've been without the huge back yard like we used to have, so I've been without my old "yard-pets" (squirrels) which I had been feeding on and off at the old house. Now that I know there are hummingbirds coming by, it's time to buy myself a hummingbird feeder this afternoon.

...just have to make sure the feeder is out of reach of the neighbor's outdoor cat roaming nearby :)

Good Morning from sunny LA

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Got my much needed 9 hour sleep :)
Hmmm what to do this Saturday?

Facebook Integration

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Haven't really been posting anything new on lewislau.com lately, for one reason only - it is just soooo much easier to post to Facebook instead via my FB app.

So instead of fighting the FB vs. lewislau.com blog war, we're making sweet, sweet FACE-lewislau.com-BOOK integration instead.

I've purchased a blogging app for my phone, to post photo as well as text, or mixed entries such as this.

Step one is now complete, with Facebook LIKE button populating my blog entries.

Step two will also come soon, with automatic posting to FB once I post onto my web site - this would motivate me to post more to my blog instead, and have Mr. Zuckerberg's site as a *mirror* to my site.

At least that's the idea. Let's see if it works in the next few weeks :)


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Heading back to Minneapolis later this month for a sales meeting. Hoping to see some friends while I am there!

Photo entry

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First photo entry through my phone :)

Mobile blogging 123

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After so many years of blogging through my web site via a computer, finally got it working today COMPLETELY through my mobile phone. Horray!

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