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Dust Strom

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While working in Phoenix the past two days I was informed about the occasional dust storms that hover through Arizona... Supposedly they come suddenly, and when you get caught in it you should just pull over, turn your car lights off (so no one follows you and hits you from behind, since the visibility is ZERO) and wait for the storm to pass.

WHATEVER. I've been in blizzard conditions, and not only is the visibility zero, the roads are slippery too. And that was on the way to snowboard while the temperature is MINUS 30 F. MINUS.

So when i heard that there was a dust storm coming to Phoenix, I hung out at the outdoor bar, took some pictures, and drank my beer and ate my dinner. Dust Storm? What Dust Storm? :P

Fear of Heights

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I have always been afraid of heights. Still remember a few years back when my friend Bill and I went to The Grand Canyon's North Rim, and even though the path to the top was about 15-20 ft. wide, I literally CRAWLED up because I was so afraid of "rolling over the edge" down the canyon (meanwhile children were running and giggling by me).

A few weeks ago Bill came by to LA over the weekend and we decided to take a spontaneous trip out to Joshua Tree to take some pictures. There were so many rock formations... I strangely had the urge to take a picture from atop one of these boulder piles... hmmm - what about my fear of heights?

The fear is still there - I just refused to look down and just kept climbing (with my new camera safely tucked away, of course).

The satisfaction of taking this picture once I got to the top? Priceless.

Bill was quite surprised that I made it up to the top :)

It took me quite a bit longer to come down afterwards, though.

Things I would do these days to get a good shot :P


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Another weekend gone by, and another work week coming up. It's been quite busy with the job lately, trying to drum up business before the end of the year for the company. Planning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona (last time I was there it was 126 degrees F/ 52 degrees C!) followed by Las Vegas. People always ask me if I get to have fun while I travel, and I'd be lying if I said I was working 100% of the time.

With the bit of spare time late at night these days, I often juggle between sleep and/or picture-taking.

The above picture was taken at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, when I was visiting for a trade show a few weeks back. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of the silver jellybean Cloud Gate sculpture this time... oh well - maybe next year.

Camera Porn

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! I decided to spend some time this past week playing with my new camera, and so far it satisfies two of my photographic interests - HDR photography (the above photos of my back yard were taken with the PEN E-P3), and timelapse videos.

The perfect camera? I don't know yet - need to play with it a lot more before I can officially write up a report. Here is what I got so far::

Versatility - I no longer need multiple cameras for candid, HDR, and time-lapse shots
Quality - the sensor on the E-P3 is FAR superior than the one in the LX3
Modularity - I was happy with the LX3's f2.0 lens, but even happier with the Pancake f1.7 prime lens which I use most of the time. And better yet? If I want a new lens I can just switch it out!

Weight - the LX3 feels like a toy compared to the E-P3. I guess some may consider this a plus, but I think I need some more time to get used to the all-metal body
Pricey Options - I guess if I was Mr. Gates or Mr. Jobs I can just go out a buy all the expensive lens options that I want, but until that day I just have to make do with what I have...

Speaking of my current camera lens that I can't live without... those around me knows that I often shoot with my low cost wide-angle lens attached to the LX3 (I like my wide-angle shots!). Trying to find a good comparable replacement lens for the E-P3 proved difficult. Then I came up with the idea - my Pancake lens thread is 46mm - why not buy an ring adapter to convert it to the 52mm thread on the wide angle lens?

Instead of spending $150 for a Panasonic replacement my local Samy's Camera sold me the adapter for $8, and now I have the best of both world - fast lens and wide angle!

With tomorrow being an off day (sort of - I still have to work) I'm going shooting later tonight in downtown LA.

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