he who owns the bank owns the guns too

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It's Friday again, going to chill a bit tonight with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with my new best friends Mulder and Scully to talk about some foreign invasion sh*#. Speaking about alien sovereignty, on the radio today a guy compared the US now to the UK in 1956, when it was no longer the financial superpower of the world, and was forced by the new-rich-kid-on-the-block US of A to cease the attacks on Egypt. With China now owning ~3 trillion of our debts I wonder what would happen if suddenly China attacks Taiwan and uses its financial powers as leverage? Hmmm.

1) Have we really lost our status as the #1 Economic Superpower of the World?
2) Once China doesn't need us as the #1 importer of their goods, would it flex its economic muscles on us?

Too complex scenario for me to contemplate on a Friday afternoon. Gonna go pour my glass of wine now. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Picture of San Diego Padre's Petco Stadium taken from my hotel room this past week :)

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