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Inflight HDR

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I bought an inflight connect about a year ago and while flying back to Los Angeles (from Minneapolis, where I attended a sales meeting this past week) I realized that if I don't use the connection it would expire :(

So I decided to do what anyone (geeky like me) would do - took an HDR photo, and updated my web site (and Facebook, for that matter) with this picture. Enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Weekend. Week-Begin.

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Happy Monday everyone!

Hello Weekend!

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Cleaning, Unboxing, Repacking boxes... Time to clear out the garage of old cr@p :)

Had a funny dream last night about an old boss of mine, apologizing for being such a d**k to me while I worked for him. What the hell. Good news is that I woke up realizing that I was asleep for 9 hours!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (a la David Bowie)

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Changes scaring me s***less...

Hello Madrid!

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Nice Model. Can't build them like they used to...


The Lonely Volleyball

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Happy 4th Of July!

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With the long weekend winding down, and the (broken for a week) web site back up (Thanks Bill!) here's my first post since I got back from France...

Yes I did, and yes I am. :)

If you don't understand the above, then you most probably are not in my inner-circle, first-degree. Too bad, and sorry. You'll get it someday.

I also spent the weekend compiling all my old HDR photos, and will start to post them onto my site for your viewing pleasure - first up, the giant golfball at Disney's Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. It looked so unnatural that even without HDR it looked weird. Hope you like it.

(You can click on the thumbnail picture to open up a larger view)

In celebration of the only day in the USA where you have firework shows everywhere (unless your City/State is bankrupt), here are two fireworks timelapse videos I had made:

Disney Fantasmic! Fireworks Show

Epcot IllumiNations Fireworks Show

Happy 4th, and enjoy!

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