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Where did my morning go?

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Previously on the On Thursday evening I worked late, and woke up early on Friday morning for work (4 hours of sleep). Figured that i would go to bed a bit earlier, but didn't expect to completely pass out on the couch minutes after dinner (pictured above)

Somehow I got up around 11:30pm, tried to go to bed but realized that my allergies was bothering me and rolled around in bed for about 2 hours before deciding to take 2 Benadryl tablets before trying again. Think I finally got to bed around 2:30am


Woke up by myself, and looked at the clock. 1:30pm.



I heard that antihistamines make you drowsy, but not THAT drowsy. Where did my morning go? I was so looking forward to the long weekend, not expecting for it to fly pass like this!


Counting Down To The (Long) Weekend...

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Figure I just post about my week so far - a pretty 'normal' work week, a lot of driving all over L.A., but paved roads to quite a few opportunities which I hope to come to fruition in the coming months. Last night I had to work til 2:00am only to wake up at 6:00am (VERY reluctantly) for an early morning appointment in Culver City/Santa Monica...

Enough about work. Went for my first run on Wednesday night after work, and was quite happy to find my legs/heart still in good shape after my race a few weeks ago; I've been completely lazy (I call it my muscle atrophy mode) and haven't been doing anything active, besides watching non-stop documentaries about Mt. Everest. Yeah I know - Julia already told me, "just don't tell me you're going to climb Everest". Heck no - I am too afraid of heights and cherish my body parts too much to want to summit ANY Mountain that doesn't put my life in danger.

But I would someday like to do this. Or this. :)

(Picture above is of Everest, taken years ago when I visited Kathmandu and Nepal)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Howard Schultz is my new best friend

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Woke up this morning at 4:30am to get to a customer near San Diego for a morning meeting... after work I dropped off my car to a shop nearby (hit a nail over the weekend with a slow leak), walked home to get ready for a relaxing evening...

...only to find out that the power is out on the entire block. Hmmm. Currently have another 2 hours on my laptop battery before I start panicking (no car, no power, what to do?) Somehow I have to recharge all my necessary electronic devices (cell, laptop, MiFi card) before tomorrow morning.

Howard Schultz to the rescue.

I guess evening entertainment tonight would be free Wifi @ my neighborhood Starbucks while I watch Season 2 of my current favorite TV series, with Chinese take-out next door from the coffee shop...

The End...?

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This is what I can find from my iTunes library that goes with the 2011 End Times prediction. What other songs do you recommend?

If the world really ends tomorrow at 6:00pm, it's been nice knowing y'all.

Allergies... :(

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The strange weather in LA is finally (almost) back to normal. The past week has been unusually cold (high 50F to low 60F in the mornings) and rainy after work. So even when I try to motivate myself to go for a run/bike the weather usually doesn't cooperate.

Then there's the part where I can't find the energy in the morning - at first I thought I was getting sick (nope). Then I thought I'm not sleeping enough (so I went to bed one night at 10:30pm... no go - still tired the next morning). Finally a friend told me it is high allergy season - BINGO. Today I woke up, popped a Claritin, and HELLO ENERGY (the three cups of coffee helped too). Wonder if my customers noticed that I was talking just a bit faster than normal ;)

With some of my favorite TV shows ending, and new ones ready to start, I am happy that Two and A Half Men is back on the schedule (sans Sheen, now with Kelso). I know the internet is full of speculators about how to write Charlie off and introduce Ashton. My guess would be that Charlie either suddenly dies or moves to a faraway land (with a "goddess"), but instead of giving the house to Alan, he passes it on to Ashton, who now lives with Alan and Jake. Reboot complete. Hopefully it works, as I think it is just genius to cast Ashton Kutcher, which makes the show now two-and-a-half-billion-twittering men (and housewives).

Another TV show I've been following (those on FB knows) is Glee - one more episode to go before the season is over. Julia and I was quite excited for Matthew Morrison's upcoming concert in July (I bought tickets for both of us), but yesterday he announced that he is cancelling his show, and joining Back Street Boys and New Kids On The Block on their boy-band-tour 2011. Normally I would be super-excited to go too, but the bad news is that their LA stop happens BEFORE Julia comes to LA :( Damn You Will Schuester.

Monday Blues

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I hate Mondays. There - I said it. Anyone who tells you they love Mondays, they must not have to work that day. It's almost a recovery day, where everyone moves in slow motion. Customers react slow, they return phone calls later than usual, and Chinese people drive even slower than they already do.

How to kick start the week? After work I got home and went into my garage, and opened a box which I haven't opened since moving to Pasadena last September. I then spent the next hour unpacking (read: tossing) the contents. It sure felt good to get clean the box out. One down, Two-or-so more to go :)

Then I spent another 20 minutes taking apart my home network, just to put to back together again. Realizing that I was missing two extra-long network cables, I took a break and did some shopping. Clicked the ORDER button, only to hit CANCEL ORDER 20 seconds later, because I forgot to buy a few more items...

That sums up my Monday. Sorting/Tossing. Construction/Deconstruction. The breaking-down of weekend laziness to the hustle-and-bustle of the reminder of the work week. Have a good week everyone!

On The Road Again

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After the exciting weekend last week I left for a short business trip to Sin City. The photo above was taken above my sunroof en route (kids, don't do this at home, closed course, professional driver, blah blah and blah) and post processed for HDR.

Speaking of HDR - after posting many of these photos on my Facebook page, I figure I should post them here in a dedicated section under my photo gallery - that should happen in the next day or two (unless something else distracts me).

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Ten years go by, and I still miss her.

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I know I said that I was retiring my Nikes after the mud run. Well, I changed my mind. It was such fun yesterday I decided to clean the shoes up, in case I decide to run another one of these mud races in the near future :)

Overall, I was just happy to be able to finish, but the Sprint-8 training definitely did my heart well - aside from a section of uphill runs, I was in control of my heart rate. I was able to avoid injury, aside from being elbowed in the head by someone who tried (and slipped off) an 8-foot wall, and kicked my shin against a giant wheel spindle.

For those with Facebook, I posted a partial photo gallery here. I have posted the complete gallery to this web site:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2

Today I woke up sore everywhere, but felt every bit proud of myself for one of the reasons I did the run...

This one's for you, mom.

Not so very much bad...

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Not too bad for an old guy - 58 out of 306 in my age group :)


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Less than 24 hours to go until the Gladiator Run tomorrow morning. I plan to get up EARLY and head out there, to take some pictures of the course, as well as survey the obstacles before our "wave" at 10:30am...

I plan to wear my trusted Nike, which has served me well for the past 2 years on my usual 3-mile run in downtown L.A., Runyon Canon, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and the Rose Bowl. Tomorrow it will do its final run in Irvine, and will be retired in mud after the race - R.I.P.

Weather in LA has been crazy - it's been in the high 90's everyday. Happy it is finally weekend and I can have a bit of R&R until it starts all over again :)

Have a nice weekend! Pics of tomorrow's event will be posted soon.

"3.15 Insane Miles"

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With less than a week to go before the Gladiator Run race, and I am not sure if I am physically (or mentally) ready... Oh well, I guess I can just try my best, and forget the rest (quote from the P90X videos), haha. Last weekend I went for a 14-mile bike ride on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon I did a loop around Rose Bowl (3 miles) with my Sprint-8 training (8 30-second sprints and 2 minute rest in between). Sore legs today, yes. At my old age what has got me a bit worried is the 5-page waiver form I had to sign - basically even if they decided to plant land mines and I stepped on one, it would still be my own fault.

Other than that my days are pretty boring - work 5 days, and relax for two. Lather, rinse, repeat. I am looking forward to spending a few days in the South of France this coming June though - a welcomed, if not necessary break from things.

For those who have been following, I have posted some updates to my long-delayed photo section of this site - so far I am working on the early months of 2010. In random order I will also post the pictures from 2005 to present. No specific order on why I am posting 2010 - just whatever comes to mind.

I guess so far I have kept up with the one-post-per-month rate!

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