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Team Space Ballon Launch #2: Success!

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This past weekend my friends and I launched a weather balloon into near-space, about 20 miles above ground :)

The balloon also carried a custom-made foam box containing a hacked camera which took a picture every 15 seconds, and a GPS-enabled phone (to recover the package). The balloon was launched at 7:19am on Saturday morning, and about 3 hours later we recovered it from lake in the middle of a RV park (Bill swam out to retrieve our payload while I was soliciting help from a motorboat-owner)...

On Sunday I watched German destroy England, 4-1. Reminded me of my Oktoberfest experience, since I watched it from an Irish bar, ordering beer at 8:00 in the morning :P

Well the weekend is over - back to work. Julia arrives in less than 3 weeks - YAY!

Beautiful shot, no? More here.

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Got sick since Saturday night with a strange flu. Took a few days and lots of Vitamin C and water, but finally felt better today. Went shopping after work and bought tons of fresh vegetables and fruits

Dinner tonight: Pomodoro E Basilico. Pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic. All in 20 minutes. The best "fast" food at home, ever.

Oh yeah, also opened a bottle of 2004 Pino Noir from my collection - icing on the cake :)

New Week, New Attitude

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With the long weekend I did some "mental laundry" - cleared my mind off all the negativity and rebooted my mindset. It's just work, nothing personal about it - I just need to do my job right and everything else falls in place :)

The above picture is from a dinner I had recently at a Vietnamese restaurant - for the first time in a LONG while I had someone explain to me about an Asian dish - yes I am officially embarrassed. In any case my friends Jillian and Toast introduced me to Vietnamese Beef 7 Ways. You read that right - a full 7-course meal with beef served seven different styles. I feel full just thinking about that meal.

Two days down, three to go. Now I am going to bed.,

Memorial Day

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Even though Memorial Day is meant for the lost soldiers, I spent it remembering my mom - it's almost ten years since she left this world, and I still miss her so.

Over the weekend I watched Tokyo Tower, a 2007 Japanese movie. Somehow I can relate to the character a lot - he left home when he was quite young, but his mom was always there to support him, any way she could.

One of the part that differed between my life and the movie was the way we said goodbye to our mothers - one regret in my life is not being able to say goodbye in person, and to thank her for everything that she did for me.

The picture above was (in my mind) the most touching scene - the man decided to offer his hand to his mom to walk across the street, and suddenly realized that it was the first time in his adult life he held her hand.

Even though mother's day is long gone, spend the day you read this to tell the important person in your life you love him/her - you never know if you will ever have the chance to do that again. Seize the day like it's the last.

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