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What A Week

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I don't even want to get into the details, but it's been a hard week. Those who I believe should be watching my back, aren't. Those who are in the way to screw me, are. That sums up the week. I will take the high road and let the negative people have their way.

Two words for you: KARMA, BITCH. You will get your turn. That's as negative as I am willing to share right now.

Had to pause and smell the flowers today, literally. Was leaving a customer's site and noticed that they had these small, pretty flowers in their front area. Stopped and decided to take this picture.

This weekend is the long-planned Team Space Balloon launch. More details to follow...


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I miss Julia...


The picture above is from a while back, at Staples Center. Yes it is a picture of of my TV, ESPN playing the game. The cool thing is the red arrow - that is ME on TV! I have been on tv before, years ago (no - not this, but this). But this certainly was much, much more FUN.

No - it is not the Lakers. I prefer them instead - they try harder. :)

One thing off my bucket list - not as nice as my friend Tom, who got to watch The Celtics win their championship a few years ago, but I have never been the jealous type...

A few days ago I was talking to someone about how people need to get certain things out of their system by a certain age - I know people who never partied when they were younger, so they end up partying like morons, drunk every night, at age 35. Then there are cheaters - those who commit to someone, but realize afterward that they have yet-unfinished conquests to accomplish...

For all those who have unfinished dreams - go complete them before your time runs out. And don't try to catch up later, because it makes you look really stupid.


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The sequence above was taken about two months ago, one night shortly after I went to bed. I heard a click, and knew instantly that the power in my building was out (and immediately rushed to my computer, remote hard disks, PS3, XBox and all other electronic gadgets to unplug them from the wall).

Then I looked out and realized that EVERYTHING was dark. I've experienced power outages before, but never in L.A. have I seen the entire block dark. So I grabbed my camera and snapped away, until power slowly restored,

Speaking of blackouts, yesterday I finally came home from work at 10:00pm (yuck, especially on a Friday night), and had a quick dinner on my couch. Next thing I know, it was bright outside and 6:00am. Stumbled to bed and finally caught up to sleep from this past week.

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Once you realize who is sleeping with who... It all makes sense. The problem then becomes one where you can never look at neither one the same way again...

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