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Where Did The Sun Go?

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Woke up from a coma-like sleep which brought me up at 10:45am. Baked two loaves of bread, made steak. The rest of the afternoon is just for chilling out.

Oh, forgot about the ironing. Got to get that done.

Boo to the gloomy weather outside...

What a Beaut!

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Got plenty of sleep last night and decided that I should spend today cleaning - while watching Breaking Bad, Season One. This show and Mad Men have made AMC one of my new favorite channels on TV, right behind BBC and Comedy Central.

The photo above? My original idea was to post thirty-days of Tilt-Shift photos on my web site, one daily. But then I thought it's a bit difficult to relate a photo to any one specific post, so I decided to post them to a flickr account instead. Check it out if you have time. The picture above is my fresh batch of dough to quench my starch addiction.

Time to bust out the vacuum.

Burger From Scratch

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Couldn't decide what to eat for dinner - my regular Aglio Olio e Peperoncino Pasta, ramen, or find a way to finish up my ground sirloin in my fridge with my back up pasta.

Figured that since I baked a batch of miniature bread rolls yesterday - why not try to make hamburger from scratch?

Voila - picture above of Swiss Cheese Hamburger à la Lewis. Hope you enjoy it. I know I did. Yum.

Almost Weekend...

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I was on the line with some level-one (read: low) phone operator yesterday at Disney. He was supposed to find me information on pricing for Epcot Center, and instead of putting me on hold, decided to put me in a strange silence. Only it wasn't absolute silence - I could still hear the background noise, and him BREATHING.


People just don't know basic phone etiquette anymore. Either put me on F#####G hold (trust me - I rather be listening to Michael Bolton than you breathing), or just push the MUTE button. Anything but awkward silence - those are for fights with your parents, response when your husband tells you he is leaving you, or if your best friend tells you he/she is gay and has a crush on you.

This operator's boss should be fired.

Yeah, if you haven't noticed - the allergies is bothering me, and I forgot to buy any meds for it... :(

The picture above is from Shinjuku (Tokyo) a few years ago...

Still Tired...

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Slept and slept, and I am still tired - f#@$ing allergies. Woke up this morning to crazy pouring rain outside. I dressed appropriately (dress shirt, v-neck, and rain coat). Strangely by the time I arrived at my customer's for work the weather changed to 80 degrees and sunny. Hmmm.

Heard that a lot of the elevators in L.A. are not working right now due to the quake yesterday, but fortunately the one at my apartment still functions flawlessly - thank goodness for 100-year old elevators without quake sensors (until I get stuck in one, I suppose).

The picture above? Napa Valley picture I took last summer when I spent the weekend with Julia.

Definitely going to go to bed by 11:00 tonight.

Easter Sunday

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Totally slept in this morning - my alarm was set for 8:30, but I didn't get out of bed until way past 10 (9 and a half hours of sleep ain't bad!) - another reason why I love the weekends - I get to oversleep without consequences :)

Had lunch with my friends Joe and Nadia, and then tried to go do some shopping at Target, only to realize that they are all closed. WHAT?! Why!?

So Lewis is without garbage bags for one more day. Oh well.

While driving home I was sitting at a stoplight in downtown Los Angeles, when my car suddenly swayed left-to-right. Hmmm. Must have been an earthquake.

The picture above of Centre Pompidou is one of my favorite photos, taken a few years ago during my visit to Paris with my brother :)

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Time Travels

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Decided to take it easy today. Woke up this morning to do laundry, vacuum, and then to just chill and relax all day - somehow it just seemed right, after my strange flu this past week.

This afternoon I decided to put turn on my PS3 and randomly chose movies to watch - first I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, then The Time Traveler's Wife. Don't know why it suddenly chose movies that dealt with how people in relationships dealt with the effects of time...

A few things were confirmed today:

1) I am not crazy for thinking occasionally that Tilda Swindon and Cate Blanchett look alike - they do resemble each other (another two who look alike, in my opinion, are Kurt Russell and Patrick Swayze).

2) Rachel McAdams is hot :P

3) It's nice to have a clean apartment, clean clothes, and to just lay on the couch and DO NOTHING...

Oh yeah, the picture above? Tilt-Shift image of Lake Geneva, taken sometime in the fall of 2001during a sailing championship.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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