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During dinner tonight I looked up some more pictures I have taken over the years since I started taking pictures (and posting them to this web site), and post-processed them as tilt-shift, miniature-faking shots. I am quite proud of my semi-artistic accomplishments*. Here you go:

Union Square San Francisco, California
Hoover Dam, Nevada
Monterey, California
Sunset Crater National Park, Arizona
Bryce Canyon 1, Utah
Bryce Canyon 2, Utah
Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona
Somewhere Over New Mexico
Great Wall, Badaling, China
Minneapolis 1, Minnesota
Minneapolis 2, Minnesota
New York City 1, New York
New York City 2, New York
New York City 3, New York*

Oh yeah - just realized that I've done quite a bit of traveling :)

*Because otherwise Lewis has no artistic skills whatsoever.

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