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PIcture of my beautiful hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here for work all week and so far the temperature is kicking my butt while I run around in dress shirts and pants (yup - didn't exactly pack polo shirts this time, oh well...)

On a totally separate note, I decided that VH1 is no longer my kind of TV channel - I still remember years ago living in Minneapolis, when theTV in my bedroom would auto-tune to VH1 every morning so I can wake up to their morning countdown, or watching Counting Crows doing "Storytellers"...

Now all you get is "I Love New York", "Charm School", and other assorted brain-dead, white-trash television shows every night. And just when I thought they would redeem themselves by bringing back "VH1 Divas" - this time round they present... Miley Cyrus. Yes you read it right. F-ing correct. VH1 puts her alongside Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Leona Lewis for its new "VH1 Divas" lineup.

Why the gripe? Remember the LAST INCARNATION of this show had Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher, Celine Dion, and Chaka Khan. now those are divas. Not Miley, and not Hanna Montana. What's next - Kayne West Unplugged?


The picture above is of Julia's cat family: Leni (left), Puschel (middle-bottom), Paul (middle-top), and Emily (right). What appears to everyone of a normal cat picture, and my crazy mind somehow relates it to old John Woo or Quentin Tarantino movies scenes where people point guns at each other... Not sure if anyone else sees the similarity or am I just slightly twisted...?

Some Youtube Videos

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Hanging out in SF with my friend Danny the past few evenings, and he got me hooked on to this new (to me) magician / hypnotist / illusionist Darren Brown from the U.K. Simply AMAZING.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

While you are on the "he is not human" mindset check out Cyril Takayama as well:

Video 1
Video 2


Autotune The News

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I used to like Autotune... Yes I actually thought Cher's "Believe" was quite cool. Then there was T-Pain, then Kayne, then an entire album of Kayne, and now everyone does it. I am now sick of Autotune...

Until today, when my friend Danny sent me this link of someone autotuning the news. Enjoy!


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Sitting in a car stuck in crazy traffic, San Francisco-style... Normal if it was rush hour - but this one is caused by idiot drivers who can't merge from 6 lanes down to 4. Oh well.

Meanwhile, Julia is out shopping somewhere. I am jealous.

Work Work Work

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A nice picture taken while driving downtown the other night. My friend Bill sent me a link about digital photography and I finally learned about what "synchro flash" was all about :)

By the way more pictures from my German trip in June is up - check it out on my travelogue pages

Now back to work work work...

Hanging Out With Girls

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Spend the past few evenings hanging out with some real fun German girls (Julia, her cousin Frauke, and Frauke's friend Christina). No my German is not improving, but at least I get to listen in and slowly absorb their language into my tiny "language processor" (aka brain).

Frauke and Christine are heading out on their 2nd stop of their three-city West Coast tour tomorrow - have a good time and be safe!

Happy Independence Day!

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Took this picture on the beach at Marina Del Ray tonight. This fourth of July is worth celebrating because 1) It's the first time I am spending Independence Day as an American, and 2) It was exactly 4 years ago this weekend when I moved out West to my new home, Los Angeles!

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th!

30 Years of Sony Walkman

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Today marks the 30th birthday of the Sony Walkman - I can't believe it was that long ago when my aunt unboxed her TPS-L2 and I got to listen in for all of 5 minutes. That was pure heaven for my ears at the time (the only thing I can compare that to would be the first time I held a Nintendo Game & Watch, or the first time I played the 'original' Mario Bros on my uncle's Nintendo Famicon against my brother...

Fast forward thirty years - my family somehow were always early adopters of ANYTHING-SONY. I still remember we had 2 Sony Betamax video players, and I remembered my first CD player in highschool was a used Sony Discman D-50, and right after college I spent all my money on Sony's Laserdisc technology, and even had multuiple Minidisc players...

Then I stopped buying Sony. Apple took over (today's quote from ZDNet),

"During the Walkman’s 30-year lifespan, Sony has sold 385 million Walkman machines worldwide. Apple, on the other hand, has sold more than 210 million iPods worldwide in eight years."

Somehow I miss the orange sticker they put onto all their devices - now THAT'S BRAND RECOGNITION (It's a Sony!). Although I still would swear by Sony, these days it's their headphone product that I keep buying more and more of (ask me about how a set of $35 earphones replaced my $400 headset next time)...

Before I digress too much Sony announced the Walkman X to be launched tomorrow... how would it fare against the iPod Touch or the Zune HD? Only time will tell - but even the new Sony Player lacks the orange sticker that I missed so much (think they dropped that design in the early 2000s). At least I can still print my own. :)

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