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I like trains...

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I took the train last week to San Diego for work - I don't know why, but I have always liked train rides - even when I was growing up in Taiwan the train ride always had its 'special feeling' unlike plane rides - instead of a 2-hour flight it would be a 10-hour ride, and so you would have to mentally prepare for the trip, with foods/snack/games...

Of course my ride to SD was only an hour and 45 minutes - still loved it though :)

Gotta go to bed early - have a big day tomorrow!

Prop Plane Over Amsterdam

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The above sequence was taken on my way back from Germany to the United States a few weeks back - while sitting on the propeller jet I decided to take some pictures out my window all the way to landing - then I aligned the shots in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure :)

By the way uploaded more photos from my recent trip, all the way up to Nicole and Tobias' wedding day (that will hopefully be posted by next week)! Check them out on the travelogue section...

Get Well Soon

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Praying for Waldemar's quick recovery...

The Muenkel Family's New Members

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Hello everyone - meet Emily and Leni!

Pretty Funny...

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Needless to say I am no fan of Vista - I compare it to that other abomination from Microsoft called Windows ME...

After work today I called my dentist to see if I can get scheduled in for teeth-cleaning - they said someone canceled at the last minute so I rushed to Pasadena and got in right before the main door closed... an hour and a half later all evidence of my "dental abuse" (daily coffee drinking) and tartar buildup from 2007 (yes - shame on me, that was when I last visited my dentist) are gone, albeit my bleeding gum ;)

Tomorrow I am taking the morning train down to San Diego to visit some customers - that means I will get some time (4 hours, round trip) to prep more pictures from my recent German trip for posting... stay tuned :)

The New German Cheerleading Champs!

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Congrats to CLL Spurs for taking first place in the German National Cheerleading Championships! The Senior All Girl team is now qualified for the USASF's 2010 "Worlds" in Orlando, FL (Walt Disney World)!!!

Hard decision...

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Hmmm. Which one to use this morning? ;-)

Old Age...

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... hasn't stopped The Pet Shop Boys from making great music - although I wasn't an early-on fan with their first album I was hooked ever since their second release... and have every one of their studio albums...

Since they are come to L.A. in September for their 2009 Tour I decided to buy tickets to see them live for the first time. Now if you haven't heard of PSB before, I should thank you for visiting my site at such a young age (or for living under a rock for the past 20 years, j/k).Now go give their latest album a listen!


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I attended my very first German Wedding while I was visiting Julia last week. Julia's friend and team mate from her cheerleading team got married and I was invited to the festivities as well. More pictures from the wedding to come soon (too hard to archive and caption 800+ photos in a week!) but I promise to post some of the pictures soon!

Speaking of cheerleading - Julia's team, CLL Spurs finished 1st in the Eurocheermasters competition a few weeks ago (applause) and will compete this Saturday for the German Cheerleading Nationals. Yes you heard that right - a possibility to become the best team in Germany. Good Luck Girls! :)

Julia sure can bake...

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'nuff said.This picture is just of the FIRST batch. All I have to do now is find my P90X videos from under the fold of my love handles...

Old Friends...

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It sure has been a while since I have updated this front page of lewislau.com - call it laziness, but I blame it on the economy; business has been down so it forces everyone to work twice as hard, but often with little results - am I just not working hard enough? Am I working wrong?

Whatever - life goes on, with good or bad economies. This picture was taken at my friend Marie's wedding in May - thanks to facebook I rediscovered some elementary school friends last year - too bad I've semi-abandoned facebook unlike some who I know updates it every-freaking-day. Yup - I blame that on the economy too. :)

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