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Well I've been in Seattle since Thursday for work, and the winter snowstorm that is sweeping the nation right now is hitting Seattle hard - sat in the plane for about two and a half hours before Alaska airlines decided to cancel the flight.

While waiting in line at the gate (I wase about #20 in line) the gate agent recommended me to head outside the security (because "the agents outside would be better equipped to handle the rebooking of flights"). Headed outside and realized that now I was number #200!

Waited in line for another 2.5 hours and finally around midnight I got to the agent and he told me that he could book me on a flight out of Seattle on Monday evening, then turned around and whispered to his colleague how it's awesome they're making double-overtime tonight. Finally he told me due to the fact that the delay is caused by a natural act he would not offer us hotel or food coupons.

No thanks Mr. Alaska Airlines Employee - just give me my money back, as I had already booked myself a flight through Southwest Airlines the moment I got out of the gate area...

Lesson learned: 1) Don't listen to low-paid employees of airline employees when they are "trying to help you" - they're just being lazy and trying to figure out how to make their double-overtime, and 2) Try your best to fly out before it turns dark when you are in a winter storm.

Hoping I get to go home tomorrow - for tonight I get to sleep on the nice concrete floor of Seatac Airport :(

Finally Going Home To L.A...

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Been on the road for 15 days and now I am finally sitting at the airport boarding area waiting to fly home! Thought it was funny to play with Photoshop to create an animation of Julia from several pictures I took of her the other night :)

No more travels until 2009! With the extra time at home I hope to catch up to updating my travel photos - please be patient...

Phoenix, Arizona

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A few days after returning from New York Julia and I flew out to Phoenix, Arizona for a conference that I had to attend. We spent one afternoon driving up the Apache Trail from Phoenix towards Roosevelt Dam (with limited time, treacherous driving conditions, and daylight visibility issues we decided to stop short of the entire loop and headed back once we hit Apache Lake).

Here is the google map terrain view of what we covered that day.

Along the switchbacks and tight curves we saw a bunch of one-lane bridges, canyons, strange rock formations, and cacti after cacti. But most of all it was the amazing view alongside the "vista points" that I took the most pictures of. Here are a few panorama shots:

Apache Trail Drive, Panorama #1
Apache Trail Drive, Panorama #2
Apache Trail Drive, Panorama #3
Apache Trail Drive, Panorama #4
Apache Trail Drive, Panorama #5

Next Stop: Salt Lake City

New York City

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I spent Thanksgiving weekend with Julia, Tom and family in New York City. It was a short trip, but on this trip I did several things for the very first time:

- Just when I thought I had found the best Cheesecake in New York City at Veniero's, I realized that I love their Italian Cheesecake even more!

- Saw The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall with Tom, Megan, and Julia

- Window-shopped alongside all the Black Friday shoppers on 5th Avenue (but went home empty-handed)

The picture above was taken at Radio City Music Hall, with Julia and Megan :)

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