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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Absolute Betrayal Of Trust

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More on this post later - I am in a good mood today, and don't feel like spoiling it.

Tule Fog

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I have heard about what Californians call the "Tule Fog" for a while now, and only a few weeks ago did I experience it myself. While driving from Los Angeles to Fresno (and then to Sacramento, circling back to L.A. over the span of 4 days) there were several instances where I seriously thought that I would not get to my destination safely - the fogs were so thick I swear I was in a John Carpenter horror movie...

Guild Wars...

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No doubt by now everyone know what is happening in La-La Land these days - the Writers are on strike, and the studios won't budge. I fully agree that if the writers are producing scripts for studios to make money off internet broadcasts, they should get their share of profits derived - of course I am just brushing the surface of the disagreement that is causing the WGA strike, but that is not the point of this post.

For those who don't know where I live - my apartment is literally across from a Hollywood film set in downtown Los Angeles. I woke up one Saturday morning at 10:00a.m. to people screaming out the words from Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer". For a moment I thought perhaps American Idol decided to audition downstairs, only to discover that there was actually a protest downstairs and a shoot at the same time.

What I observed was a sequence where the protesters, WGA-picket-waving individuals, would hold their megaphones and gongs but remain silent while the film crew was getting the set ready. The moment the director yells "action", the megaphone broadcasts a rendition of Bon Jovi that would make William Hung proud, while his cohorts start banging on their gong while screaming like they've been robbed.

While I agree with what the strike is about, I am totally appalled by what these (specific) protesters were doing - not only are they protesting against their formal colleagues, but they are purposely sabotaging their livelihood. I would compare that to protesting across the street from a planned parenthood clinic versus stalking a patient to her workplace and announcing that the patient had just visited a planned parenthood clinic.

If I was a director and this happened to me, I would personally go over to find out who these individuals were, so that I can make a point to never work with them again, with or without a strike.

Film Set

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One evening while I headed out for my routine run I noticed that a film crew transformed the downstairs of my building into New York City... pretty cool with these Big Apple yellow cabs all parked and honking like it was actually NYC.

Now if I can only get my favorite New York Cheesecake downstairs as well (yes they deliver, but paying $40 to ship a $13 cheesecake from NYC to LA is just a bit ridiculous)...

meine kamera ist kaputen

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Yup - after being my constant companion for the past 4 years, my beloved Nikon Coolpix 3700 finally took a dump and died. No it did not get run over by a car - what happened is that the lens got stuck (like most mini-point-and-shoots with protruding lens), and I decided to play Einstein. My futile attempt of repairing the lens became a 3-hour stress-fest of remembering which-screw-came-from-where, and what-is-this-f*&^ing-piece-of-plastic - proof of my lack of repair skills is aptly displayed in the picture above.

Good-bye, Nikon - welcome Canon - I went out and bought a new Powershot SD850IS... and guess what? The first week I brought it to use a friend of mine accidentally dropped it on concrete :(

Fortunately Canon was generous enough to categorize it under "warranty repair". Lucky me.

It's been a while...

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For the 2-3 people left in the world who still occasionally stop by to see what I've been up to - THANK YOU, and my most sincere apologies for being my usual lazy self... Despite all my promises of uploading and keeping the site up-to-date, I've proven myself to be a liar, oops, salesperson.

2007 has been a pretty good year - I've finally "settled" in Los Angeles - made some new friends, finally decided to invest some time/money to make my apartment a "home" instead of "where I do laundry".

The above picture is from one of my recent drives up the coast of Santa Barbara - found it interesting that there's actually a road named Lewis :)

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