How to pick a puppy that's right for you.

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Yes I know this is not a picture of a puppy. Problem is I couldn't find the web link to the newspaper ad (or the picture of the cute puppy) I saw on a copy of the USA Today in my hotel room this week. Here is the ad (for my own future reference, if and when I buy my own dog):

How to pick a puppy that's right for you.

Here's a test you can perform when you first meet the puppy. Gently roll him over onto his back. Hold him there with one hand on his chest for a full 30 seconds. A normal puppy will resist you at first but then accept it. A dominant dog will struggle for the entire time. A submissive puppy won't resist and might lick your hand. An independent dog will resist and avoid eye contact. That determines how the puppy accepts stress when socially and/or physically dominated.

(then the AIG sales pitch on how pets can add 7 years to your life)

Just found the article interesting for those who may be looking for a puppy in the near future. Me - I will get one once my traveling slows down from the craziness it is right now...

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