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Shoveling The Driveway

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This is a series of pictures I took while helping Tom and Jess shovel their driveway, which had a 3-inch layer of packed "snice" (snow+ice). Working with two small hammers and a messed-up shovel for almost an hour we just couldn't penetrate this 8-square-foot area that the snow plow drove over...

So after lunch we went and bought this and two new shovels - finished the entire driveway in 10 minutes.

I almost missed the days living in Minneapolis, shoveling snow. Almost.


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While spending last weekend (Chinese New Year's) in Scarsdale, New York, I took this picture of Lucy, my friend Tom and Jess' baby daughter - I am glad to see her do much better than when she was back in Taiwan - I hate stupid / dumb / $#@king Taiwanese doctors.

Nintendo stole our 'MEH'!!!

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I swear I had an old post defining the word "MEH" on this site, but just realized that it probably was on the old web publishing engine my friend Dan wrote, called we::blog (it now consists of some Eastern European / Southeast Asian bloggers leaving random comments no one understands). So here it is again (a definition from my friend Bill and Aaron):

"meh" is created by a Vietnamese man (a friend of ours from our College days in Rochester , New York) named Thong, who created this strange word to define what has just happened, or been said is generally too dumb, silly, stupid, etc. to be commented upon.

So now, fast forward 15 years, while playing Nintendo's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door I found a scene that used the word 'meh'!?!?!

With over 2 million copies sold, we should have patented the freaking word.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Spent this year's Valentine's Day week working in Las Vegas - I must be in love with working ;) Met some really interesting people at the Print Oasis show; hopefully it won't be another year before I see some of them again.

Going to spend the weekend with Tom, Jess, Megan and Lucy for Chinese New Years - even weekends are jam-packed with events these days - going to try and squeeze in another snowboarding weekend trip before my upcoming business trip to Germany!

New Hobby...

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My friends Jiamei and Bill got me into Geocaching - basically using a GPS to find things people hide for others to find... Being a cheapa$$ I decided not to go buy a new GPS; instead I tweaked my Garmin C550 automobile GPS into a geocaching device by loading cache sites onto it... fun.

Cool Building Art

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Saw this on my way home today. The only shame is that the picture isn't someone else other than Kobe (I know I will get flak for this)...

Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight - meeting up with Bill this weekend for some snowboarding - first trip this season so I am pretty excited!

View from my bedroom

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Got off work today and while it was still light out I decided to take a picture of the view from my loft's bedroom area - will take a few more pictures of the interior once I make one more run to Ikea for some more storage items. But with my crazy travel schedule (flying out tomorrow and won't be home again until 2/16!!!) who knows when I will have time :P

Only in California...

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Was shopping last night when I saw this sign... and decided to take a picture - what the heck is "New Age Beverage"? Does it englighten? Is it light in calories? Or is it simply Red Bull because it "gives you wings"?


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