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Bye Grandma..



My grandma passed away while I was travelling for business in Los Angeles. I will be flying back home this Saturday. This picture was taken on January 25, 2004 when we had lunch together for the very last time. Goodbye Grandma - Thank you for all your kindness and love while I was growing up - I am so sorry for not being there around you all these years...

How 55401 has changed in the past 10 years...



I moved to the zip code 55401 almost 10 years ago, and remembered the first night while unpacking my suitcase when I ordered a pizza:

[Flashback Mode ON]

PH: "Pizza Hut, can I take your order?"
LL: "Yes I would like to order a pizza"
PH: "Can I have your zip code please"
LL: "55401"
PH: "Sir, sorry - we do not deliver to your zip code"
LL: "What? What do you mean you don't deliver to my zip code"
PH: "Again, sorry. 55401 has been labelled a 'no delivery' zone due to the crime rate in the neighborhood"
LL: "?????"
PH: "Is there something else I can help you with, sir?"
LL: "Well, if you're Pizza Hut, and you can't deliver pizza to me, I suppose not"
PH: "Have a good evening"

[Flashback Mode OFF]

Tonight sitting in my apartment, looking out my window at my now partially-blocked view of the Mississippi, I realized how the 55401 zip code (especially the Warehouse District which I call home) has changed in the past 10 years. Not only will Pizza Hut deliver, but so will Dominos, Papa Murphys, and at least 10 more restaurants in the area. I can also walk 3 blocks to a bar where you can get a back massage while sipping a Martini, an extra block to enjoy authentic Latin Carribbean cuisine, then wind down at a bar where DJs spin chill-out music all night.

Then tonight I stumbled upon a web site showing those living around me who have made presidential campaign contributions - to find out that my neighboring residents consist of CEOs, lawyers, university professors... and then ME.

Too lazy these days...

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... to post anything new - for those who are STILL waiting for updates on my 2003 European Trip has to wait a bit longer - trying to get my web-enthusiasm back so new pix will be available... as well as my recent trip back home to Taiwan...

Totally hooked on the sountrack of 50 First Dates, basically a collection of laid-back, reggae-infused cover versions of songs from the 80s... fits my lazy-azz mood these days...

Flying to Wichita, KS tomorrow night for an install - get to relax in Minneapolis over the weekend instead of hanging out in Frankfurt...

The trip was decided a few weeks ago but suddenly last Friday my boss asks me to "think about cancelling the trip" because we were too busy in Minneapolis.

Came to the office on Monday to tell him the reasons why I would like to still go... we have some urgent customer issues I would like to resolve with my German colleages - he said I should send an email to Germany, and we would discuss again after seeing their response on Tuesday.

Sometime around lunch my boss walks into my office and tells me that he had scheduled a meeting between me and a colleage from Canada... what happened to "let's wait until tomorrow to decide"?

Whatever. $#%@.

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