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Ipaq Woes...



One of the gadgets I came home with is the HP iPaq 5450, which my friend Tom generously gave me (since he already upgraded to the almighty Sony P900 PDA mobile phone)...

Currently I am an online chat session with HP support to find out why the device does not access the internet. It could, it should, but it doesn't...


Family Portrait 2004

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My first Taiwanese family portrait in 17 years. From left to right: my brother Philip, my grandma, myself, my brother Kevin, and my aunt Li-Chu. This concludes my trip back home - I just finished packing (2:25am Taiwan time) and is just killing time... as usual I do not like to sleep the night before a long flight.

Still nervous about the possibility of being detained tomorrow at the immigration control, even though everyone tells me to relax and not worry about it.

My next post would be from Minneapolis, if everything goes well. A full update of my trip will be in a travelogue soon (I hope).

My new cell phone...


My brother Kevin bought me a new cell phone; supposedly mobile phones are really cheap here that people replace them like clothes... it is TINY (sitting next to my two Nokia phones)...

Sitting in Tom and Jess' house right now updating my web site and watching View From The Top on DVD - Tom is totally addicted (so am I) to his cool Solitare game on his new Sony P900 mobile/PDA...

My brother Kevin and his girlfriend is cooking pre-New Year lunch right now so I have to log off soon - New Year's Eve dinner is at my brother Philips - will be taking a lot pictures tonight.

Logging off.

Two days so far...

And I am still loving my trip. Food that I have missed for years rediscovered, places I have remembered changed, etc...

I am still severely jetlagged, and dozing off every night at around 9:00pm (tonight was while watching Lord Of The Rings II at Tom and Jess' home), but somehow forcing myself to go to sleep early (midnight) allows me to wake up at 8:00am or so...

Today my brothers and I travelled to visit the temple where my mother is buried at - it was at this moment when I finally realized that I AM HOME. I've been gone for so long, but I am now back.

It is really strange because of my usual visits to places that interest me - I take a lot of pictures - but this time I have hesistated in taking too many pictures- somehow I think this trip is for myself to (re)discover. I will, though, upload some pictures as soon as I can get my laptop on the internet (using Tom's nice new Toshiba Protege now to update this site)...

Three things to summarize Taiwan so far: food cheap and excellent, computer parts and accessories are unbelievably cheap (they are made here afterall), and I am really enjoying my trip...

Finally back home!

Just a quick update - I am finally back home in Taiwan - so far the passing through of the immigration was uneventful - so that is good news. I am sitting in my brother Philip's room right now updating my site, just to let everyone know that I am okay, and enjoying the town that has totally changed since the last time I saw it (17 years ago).

Will take some pictures tomorrow, when I visit my friends Tom, Jess, and Megan... and pictures of my family members at dinner tomorrow!

Lewis out - at 2:00am Taiwan time.

Snowbird Pix


I am extremely stressed out right now - after two days of snowboarding I am now working at a customer's in Salt Lake City - problem is that nothing is working right now and I am in a crunch to wrap up in 2 hours.

So what am I doing updating my site? I am waiting for my spectrophotometer to finish reading color strips, and doing something (anything) else right now keeps me relaxed and not going c-r-a-z-y.

The picture above was taken at Snowbird resort, somewhere around 10,000 feet.

Projects Page Updated!

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After hitting the slopes last night, I decided to work on my web site for a bit, which ended up being a 5-hour marathon event to update some of the links which I have been wanting to change but was too busy to - the first one being my projects page - I have decided to convert the entire page into a blog, so I can update it more often...

Woke up this morning (with a sore back - man I am really out of shape) and decided to spend some more time to get the page publicized via blogdex as well as weblogs, two sites that index weblog pages - a quick glance at weblogs.com, and it showed me as #1 (see picture above)! Of course, that was my 10 seconds of internet fame - hitting the refresh button, and suddenly I was #180.

Ok - enough geeky time-consuming activities in my hotel room - time to get ready to head towards the snow-covered slopes again...

Snowboarding in Salt Lake City

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snowboarding in utah.jpg

Happy 2004 everyone! First post of the year...

Jumped onto a plane last night after work heading for Salt Lake City - since I will be working there next week, I figure that I should bring my snowboard with me and spend the weekend visiting Snowbird - and see what it is like breathing air at 11000 ft.

First of all, an observation - have you ever visited a resort-city airport, and had to wait alongside others at the ski/snowboard pickup area? Last night I was waiting with 30-40 other people, all eagerly waiting for our gear.

The gate opened, and as the cold air poured into the airport terminal, I saw the weather outside - snowflakes slowly pouring down from the sky, dividing the fog-lamp-lit area outside of the airport (how in the world did we manage to land in dense fog condition anyway?) and the flourscent-light-lit area inside the terminal.

Suddenly a man appears outside, dressed in a thick red coat - it can't be - it isn't - but it sure looked like... Santa Claus. The way we were all surrounding the door, it sure felt like Christmas again.

We all got excited as the Northwest baggage agent (Santa Claus in disguise) gave us our snowboard/skis (presents).

... Oh yeah - with 106" of base snow, tomorrow should be quite a fun day - some of my friends will be jealous.

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