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Blogging With Moveable Type

For those who have been acquainted with me in person, knows that I have created this main page (as well as some sub-sections of this site) using Moveable Type.

Moveable Type is like ramen noodles to my stomach (after hours of drinking) for my web site - a necessity for survival.

Now to return the favor, here is a tutorial for those who may want to learn about this awesome software...


Let's see if you can figure this out...

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Great fun!

Let's just say that I am stuck at the one where there are three sheeps (?) and the guy is on the roof.

For those who would like to give hints, please remember that there may be people who would like to try to figure it out themselves... so keep the hints limited please ;)

Upcoming Vacations

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For those who I haven't talked to in a while, my brother Philip and I are planning a 10-day vacation this November to Europe... currently we are meeting in London 11/14/2003, and flying back to reality/work/more travels 11/24 from Paris.

So the plan is... we have no plan so far!

Then in January, I am venturing back to Taiwan for the very first time since I left back in 1986! All my friends are warning me of the culture-shock I shall receive, as I left as a young boy, and is now returning as a almost-old-boy (hehe).

For those who know me, and can offer a few suggestions for places to visit, people to see, feel free to add a comment or two.

Ipods Unite... the 30Gigers over here, and 40Gigers...



Two weeks ago I spontaneously decided to stop by the local Apple (we're here to sell you our lifestyle) Store, dropped $499, and walked out with a 30GB iPod

Since then I got sucked into this strange black hole of making my already-cool-as-#### iPod even more unique - $30 for clear case (to protect the scratched-in-5-minute mirror surface) from Speck Products, another $40 for a Belkin FM-transmitter (until the even cooler 3G-iTrip is released) so I can play MP3s on my CD-deck in my Miata... then tonight another $60 for a battery pack so I can now listen to 15+ hours of music with no interruption...

Only minutes later to find out my two-week old iPod has been replaced by the newer (cooler!? They told me I was the coolest!) 40GB model - for the same price tag of $499...

Oh well, it's just another 2500 songs more...

On the other hand, that extra 10GB also means that I could've really MP3'd every one of my 800+ CDs in my collection... if I only knew. Suddenly Steve Jobs dropped a notch in my list of favorite people... j/k.

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