Is the war over...?


Came back from a day at work to my hotel room to find CNN reporting Iraqi "common people" toppling down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad's al-Fardous square.

I was shocked.

An U.S. soldier had draped a U.S. flag over the face of the statue of Saddam Hussein.

Why was I shocked? This demonstrates what some people (at war as well as at home) believes what this war is about; not regime change, not bringing democracy to Iraq - but a war that is purely US -vs- The Middle East, Bush -vs- Saddam. Greed over oil.

What happened to what the rest of the world thinks? I think this is just a huge dab of salt over the open wound inflicted by the United States to the United Nations; whether or not it is truly the intention of the US government, at least it was demonstrated by one soldier. Whether or not it is a common sentiment amongst the troops I don't know.

At least someone higher above (in ranks) had the sense to replace the U.S. flag with an Iraqi flag moments later.

My final word:

US -vs- Iraq, game over.
US -vs- terrorists, Credit 2/2, Press START to begin.
US -vs- the World. Credit 1/2. Insert more coin(s) to continue.

As the U.N. Iraqi Ambassador (quickly and smartly, even smoothly) declared, "(this) game is over".



I have a couple of thoughts here. You're right, the war is not really the US vs IRAQ, but more along the lines of a purpose.

Putting the flag there can be seen as a bit taboo, I'll agree with that. I'll also not fault the soldier too much - after all, he's the one being shot at. If he feels a little victory by getting that far alive, then that's fine with me.

Then again, I'm sure the US forces who are actually there on the ground feel like they are really doing a service - and they put the flag over the statue of sadam - the enemy in this case. Its not like they put the flag on the Iraq capital building - claming the country as "theirs".

With all that has happened in the past few days I wonder whether or not there is even a "capital building" left after the mob lootings.

By the way I find it extremely interesting how the soldiers immediately secured the oil fields and the Governmental Ministry of Oil building after the "victory". THEN we have Mr. Rumsfield who claims that it is not the U.S.'s responsibility to stop the looting of the cities.

All for the sake of the "Preservation of Democracy"... Hmmm.

mmm...this all very interesting. i could get into quite a debate over these comments. i tend to believe people shouldn't view the war as so black and the US everyone can disagree with the government but you have to believe the government is making informed decisions based on information not available to normal citizens. based on that, I don't think people can make valid conclusions about the reason behind the war. i believe the only valid position is to be agnostic. conclusions cannot be accurately made by what the news says because each news organization has a bias one way or another simply to gain ratings. also, a lot of the nations against the war have political reasons such as large financial commitments. so, who can say who is right in the UN because there are so many political considerations, you can't determine if their argument is for their own benefit.

ah....well....always two sides to the story...and in the end people pick the one which "sounds" best to them because they don't have enough concrete information....everyone lies to some what can you believe.

as for the protesters, i find it entertaining that most were was like college back in the gulf war days. i wonder how many were protesting for fear of a draft. i found a radio guy's comments entertaining...they can protest because mom and dad are paying their way, but once their in the real world and have to work for their cash, a significant number will forgo their idealistic ways.

War HUH good god what is it good for absolutely nothin. War HUH good god o what is it good for absolutely nothin!

Jelly Lew is my friend!I think war sucks:(

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