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Cute Picture


A real cute picture of Megan, who learned how to pick her nose...

My Child-Safe Apartment


Came back to Minneapolis, and my house is transformed to a child-safe apartment, with this huge playhouse in the middle of the living room! Megan loves her little "home within a home"... and starts crying whenever she finds me inside... I guess she is also very possessive of her belongings :P

Is the war over...?


Came back from a day at work to my hotel room to find CNN reporting Iraqi "common people" toppling down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad's al-Fardous square.

I was shocked.

An U.S. soldier had draped a U.S. flag over the face of the statue of Saddam Hussein.

Why was I shocked? This demonstrates what some people (at war as well as at home) believes what this war is about; not regime change, not bringing democracy to Iraq - but a war that is purely US -vs- The Middle East, Bush -vs- Saddam. Greed over oil.

What happened to what the rest of the world thinks? I think this is just a huge dab of salt over the open wound inflicted by the United States to the United Nations; whether or not it is truly the intention of the US government, at least it was demonstrated by one soldier. Whether or not it is a common sentiment amongst the troops I don't know.

At least someone higher above (in ranks) had the sense to replace the U.S. flag with an Iraqi flag moments later.

My final word:

US -vs- Iraq, game over.
US -vs- terrorists, Credit 2/2, Press START to begin.
US -vs- the World. Credit 1/2. Insert more coin(s) to continue.

As the U.N. Iraqi Ambassador (quickly and smartly, even smoothly) declared, "(this) game is over".


S.A.R.S. count by State

Update - DAY 4, and I am still fine - at least no symptoms. Even better is that since Tom, Jess, and Megan are in my apartment, they eventuallu got tired of my messy apartment, and helped me quickly clean it up...

Rather than my original planned slow clean-up, they helped me complete it within a week... wow.

and most of all I get to come home from work and enjoy a hot meal...!

the closest to "family life" that I grew up with in Taiwan, I suppose.

The CDC finally acknowledges that this whole S.A.R.S. thing may just become an epidemic afterall... Here are the infections catrgorized by U.S. States...

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