With all the attention put onto the Oscars, the Elizabeth Smart discovery, the Sopranos lawsuit... oh yeah and the upcoming war (those who are still optimistic that it wouldn't happen, just accept the fact - Iraq 2.0 will happen - the question is when), people don't seem to hear about the other problem that should be on people's mind as well - SARS.

SARS is the abbreviation for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It has been on my mind due to the recent multi-country outbreak; it has spread throughout China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Europe, as well as Canda. If it indeed is spread via direct (prolonged) contact instead of casual contact, then maybe I should start wearing a face mask...

perhaps Michael Jackson knew of this outbreak years in advance, therefore the surgical mask on his face since god knows when...

On a serious note, hopefully all my friends and family are all right, and no one is affected by this recent outbreak.

For more technical information regarding SARS, check out the World Health Organization site.

Another interesting timeline regarding SARS, at Joi Ito's web site


Hong Kong has just published a report linking the virus / bacteria strain of SARS to the same type as mumps / measles...

natural method for the process of elimination, or an artificial act of terrorism?

There is more information on SARS at http://www.sars.ws

So... I read your link that you have for Iraq 2.0. I dunno man... I could really argue against you on this. In order to properly discuss this, you need to look beyond the media, and beyond 9/11/2001.

In the article, there is also some concern about the US having the most "power". I'll say that sure, it is scarry to have any one person, or small group of people to have that much power, but I'll also say that someone, or some group *is* going to have it. That's human nature.

Since someone is going to have it, do you suggest some other country have it, and if so, which one?

SARS may be far from over!

There's a VERY interesting article on this, entitled 'SARS AND THE 1918 FLU: A Biological Warfare Weapon?', at http://www.survivalistskills.com/1918FLU.HTM with some interesting quotes and stories which don't appear to have been given wide circulation in the Western press.

There are also some very intriquing related quotes from key public figures on the 'Emerging Viruses' page at http://www.survivalistskills.com/EMVIRBK.HTM

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