Real Time with Bill Maher


I LOVE THIS SHOW. It's 1:42 a.m., and (upon realizing that I had missed the live broadcast) I am up watching the show.

An open forum to discuss social, economical, and political issues surrounding the world today. The show tonight:

- Why some people believe that the United States is the best country in the world (to justify being the "world policeman").
- How the U.S. is perceived by the world as buying (or bribing) for support on the war on Iraq (a reporter asking what Mexico would get in return for supporting the U.S. - cash aid or immigration law changes?)
- Q&A to an author who believes that any American who is not supporting the war is a traitor.
- Ending with a song called "We're much better than you are"

If you have HBO, this show (in my humble opinion), is a must-watch.

If you are not convinced, perhaps his recent interview with Larry King explains my facination to this show.



Basically, the US belives it is to be the world police becase - frankly, no one else has the resources to do that.

Also, since WWII, the US has been asked, countless times, to behave as world police. Note that in WWII, we refrained, and the world went crazy. When we finally were "invited" into the war - guess who ended it.

If you really follow actions of the UN - note that the US is requested to do many things, because of its financial and resource position.

If Taiwan was being attacked, maybe you'd have a different opinion.

I agree - no one else except for the U.S. has the resources to defend the freedom of the world. But I truly belive that this war, if it was to happen, would do exactly the OPPOSITE of what it was meant to do; to deter future terroistic attacks on the United States.

A congressmen said the week before on television, that he believes that the U.S. soldiers, upon landing in Iraq, would not be ambushed by weapons - instead these men and women would be "showered by flowers and love" because they are in Iraq to overthrow a tyrant who has been oppressing them. I'll swallow my own words if that were ever to happen.

Don't get me wrong - I believe Hussein IS evil. But I believe it is wrong to believe that he should be targeted (and perhaps falsely associated) as a terroristic entity as Al-Que'da. I believe the war ten years ago was totally justified (after all, Iraq attacked first). I just don't believe that one is warranted right now.

Assume that the U.S. does enter Iraq and topple Hussein, that is just the beginning of the end; ther are geographic and ethnic divisions that are to be resolved after the takeover - I have yet to see any plans for these problems. And then there are the economic consequences of the war: a potentially serious spike in oil prices, and huge costs (the last Gulf war cost $80 billion in today's dollars) - a war like this could cost the United States the raison d'etre for entering the war in the first place, it's economical resources.

Why not go attack Pakistan? They ALREADY have Nuclear weapons, and has constantly waged warnings to neighboring India. What about North Korea?

I think the cost of war outweighs the consequences (and the reason, which has yet to be proven) for the war in the first place.

Just my opinion.

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