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A regular day in the life of Lewis

I went to bed REAL early last night, at around 9:00pm, and didn't wake up until 6:00am when my friend Jess called from Hong Kong to ask me to buy Megan (my god daughter) this.

In any case this morning was the day I decided to head over to the INS for my green card process. My paperwork specified that the office was open from 8am - 2pm... so I arrived at 7:50, ok? Now I walk in, and the security gard told me the office was closed. Huh? I was then told to try again tomorrow at 6:00a.m. to get in line for my backstreet boys concert tickets, oops, sorry - green card.

So I went to work and had a real busy day - so immersed I didn't even notice the time until I was almost too late - 5:45pm - for my tax-filing meeting at 6:00pm in St. Paul!

So tax-filing was done at 6:30pm. After dinner I flew over to Richfield (in my Miata, hehe), for my haircut appontment at 8:30... finally got home at 9:30, and relaxed with a game of Socom:Navy Seals

Of course I have to end the evening with a blog of my day...

Tomorrow: 6:00am at the INS, and then my super-duper Cable Modem install tomorrow night!

War, localized or WW3?

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I remember when I was younger, and was taught that WWII was such a disasterous war that was brought on by imperialistic countries attacking others, which led to a period of world (economic and social) confusion.

Everyone is talking about how this is a "War on Iraq", or a localized incident of Democracy -vs- Evil Regime... has anyone viewed this (US continuing to call certain European counries "Old Europe", defying the United Nations - or is it "Old U.N."?) as a War against U.N.?

Perhaps the United States has become not "part of the U.N.", but an entity for which it thinks it IS the United Nations.

If this war on Iraq becomes the trigger effect which brings on World War III, would the pro-war advocates still be behind it?

War = Bad
Huge cost of war, at a time when the economy isn't exactly rosey = Bad
Creating an atmosphere of U.S. -vs- the World = Bad

If democracy is what we are aiming to spread in Iraq, shouldn't the method to achieve democracy be a diplomatic one in which the WORLD (and I do NOT define the world as solely the 50 States which constitutes the U.S. of A) decides on how to proceed? That just strengthens the belief that this war would NOT bring on democracy in Iraq, intead it would bring the term "democracy" a bad name.

Bombs away, I suppose.



With all the attention put onto the Oscars, the Elizabeth Smart discovery, the Sopranos lawsuit... oh yeah and the upcoming war (those who are still optimistic that it wouldn't happen, just accept the fact - Iraq 2.0 will happen - the question is when), people don't seem to hear about the other problem that should be on people's mind as well - SARS.

SARS is the abbreviation for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It has been on my mind due to the recent multi-country outbreak; it has spread throughout China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Europe, as well as Canda. If it indeed is spread via direct (prolonged) contact instead of casual contact, then maybe I should start wearing a face mask...

perhaps Michael Jackson knew of this outbreak years in advance, therefore the surgical mask on his face since god knows when...

On a serious note, hopefully all my friends and family are all right, and no one is affected by this recent outbreak.

For more technical information regarding SARS, check out the World Health Organization site.

Another interesting timeline regarding SARS, at Joi Ito's web site

Recent Updates


I have updated a large number of files over the last week, including several (very late) updates to the travelogue section. Most of them have no captions, but I figure I better start uploading them before people really start to get angry at me... ;P

Real Time with Bill Maher


I LOVE THIS SHOW. It's 1:42 a.m., and (upon realizing that I had missed the live broadcast) I am up watching the show.

An open forum to discuss social, economical, and political issues surrounding the world today. The show tonight:

- Why some people believe that the United States is the best country in the world (to justify being the "world policeman").
- How the U.S. is perceived by the world as buying (or bribing) for support on the war on Iraq (a reporter asking what Mexico would get in return for supporting the U.S. - cash aid or immigration law changes?)
- Q&A to an author who believes that any American who is not supporting the war is a traitor.
- Ending with a song called "We're much better than you are"

If you have HBO, this show (in my humble opinion), is a must-watch.

If you are not convinced, perhaps his recent interview with Larry King explains my facination to this show.

Naked Men Link, Schlaulau


I am in the process of migrating all schlaulau visitors to this site, and have finally completed the migration with "placeholder" pages (like this).

On testing the results I searched on Google for the word "schlaulau", and guess what was link number 12?
"Where Can I Find Pictures of Naked Men?",
with a direct link to my site... WHAT THE HECK?

Click on the above picture for a larger view.

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