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Dieter Klein Turns 62

I have recently attended Dieter's 62nd birthday party in Toronto, Canada. I have also received numerous requests to have the pictures posted onto my site. I am sorry, but the past few days have been quite hectic, with lots of travelling, including a trip 2-hours away by car tomorrow morning.

I will try my best to get these pictures up this weekend.

Game Console Madness

Why I love games

I realized that lately I am extremely addicted to my PS2. I don't even know why I can sit in front of my TV with the controller, and play without thinking...

Then I figured it out - I play a mindless game just to escape the stress and mindless working that I have been doing for the longest time; playing a driving game where I wander around a city with no goal is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I do every day - task after task, project after project, trip after trip. I need Mario Bros just so that I am not Lewis, even if it was just for a short hour.

Speaking of Mario Bros... for those who have been somehow linked to a game console or two (or like me, always having one around me since 1983, when my uncle brought home an actual Pac Man coin-op into our living room!), this link is for you - your own downloadable Mario Bros sprites!!! Somehow these simple characters bring a smile to my face.

The simple pleasures in life, when compared to the complicated issues in my otherwise mirror world, a.k.a. work.

Iraq Conflict

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Missle Attack

Imagine one day your neighbor calls the cops, and tells them that you are building a bomb in your house. The cops refuse to stop by, and your neighbor threatens to tell the neighborhood committee that the cops are useless guards to your neighborhood.

So the cops come to your house, and finds nothing. They make the announcement at the neighborhood meeting. End of story, right? WRONG.

The neighbor proceeds to explain their logic (however twisted it is) - The fact that the cops couldn't find any evidence is evidence itself that I am hiding something.

What the *&$#? There is no winning, is there?

What would you do in this situation? You know you're not making bombs in your basement, but the one making the accusations won't believe you, no matter what you say or do.

I am not qestioning the fact that Iraq may have nukes, or in development of nukes.

I just can't comprehend the aggressiveness given to the situation.



I am a subscriber to AOL, not because I like the "You've got mail!" sound effects, that I can have automatic e-mail sorting, or perform a goggle-enhanced search. I have it because they have the most numbers of modem banks all across the United States - no matter where I go (and I do go almost everywhere). Every once in a while, though, I realize that once I log on, it immediately greets me with a "Goodbye" sound effect, and proceeds to log me off.

Strangely, this always happen when AOL comes up with a new, improved version. Getting on the phone with the helpful AOL tech support personnel ("Sir, do you have your modem plugged in?" - "I just told you I can dial every other ISP, and I am running AOL on my laptop!") usually ends with a stressful hang-up, and a re-installation of the latest verion of AOL.

Coincidence? I personally doubt it.

Imagine your Windows operating system decides to just CRASH whenever Microsoft releases a new version... that's what I think is happening. Just a personal opinion.

"Best Movie Of The Year"


Maybe I was hallucinating, but I swore that during the 30 minutes of channel-surfing from NBC to ABC to CBS, I saw the ads of more than three movies (Catch Me if You Can, Gangs of New York, The Hour, and the Pianist), all claiming the title to "Movie of the Year". First of all, which year? As far as I know, it is just the beginning of 2002, and some of these movies didn't premiere until around Christmas time...!?!?

Just to let these rumors clarify themselves, I think I'll just wait for these movies to come out on DVD.

Finally got off my lazy butt...

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and uploaded some of the pictures I have taken during the past six months. So far I have uploaded the trip to Hawaii which I had taken in June of 2002.

For those not familiar with the format of my site, these pictures are located in my travelogue section.

Too damn tired and sleepy, but still working. Been up since 3:00am. Need to become the Energizer Bunny... I am the Engergizer bunny EnergiZZZzzzzzz...

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