Merry Christmas!


Well, I know it's late and all, but I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Got a brand new coffee machine this year, and haven't decided what to get myself just yet. I am in the process of prepping the coffee machine for its first use, and decided to write some updates (to come) for this site.

First of all, the past few months have been real busy for me, that I just realized I have yet to upload / update my travelogue page (current backlog is July of 2002!) I plan to get all that accomplished before the New Year.

I am also playing with the thought of doing something else on the side, perhaps web page design for some friends who need them - except this time I will be doing it for a price. Yup you heard it here first - no more freebie web sites from Lewis! If it works out I plan to shift some of my focus in life on things I like to do, instead of things I always end up doing... sounds very stange, but expect an explanation in the next week or two.


Lewis, About time man... Imagine this - get PAID to do things?! Pretty cool concept. Though, sometimes i fall into the same category.

It starts out as a simple favor, and but things come up, and you don't want to go back on your word... then comes the stress!!

Warning: While charging can lower the workload, sometimes the $ just isn't worth the time. Over estimate the time it will take to complete projects, and don't go cheap.

Well, favors remain favors, and I will never say "no" to that. I am talking about things that are more work-like rather than things I have fun doing.

I agree, any amount of $ can not replace the loss of time (or sleep, as I have experienced the past week) - I am still totally exhausted from this past week's 18-hour workdays.

Going to reward myself tonight and have some Chinese Hot Pot!

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