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Bad news to start the new year...


Got to work today and saw that my brother Philip left a message on my ICQ to inform me that my grandma was sick (the message was left 12/25 and I didn't pick it up until today). She spent some time at the emergency room last weekend.

She is at home and resting now, but will go through more tests this Friday for her heart and lungs.

I hate my green card situation. This sucks. I am so sick of the situation.

I miss my family in Taiwan.

Merry Christmas!


Well, I know it's late and all, but I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Got a brand new coffee machine this year, and haven't decided what to get myself just yet. I am in the process of prepping the coffee machine for its first use, and decided to write some updates (to come) for this site.

First of all, the past few months have been real busy for me, that I just realized I have yet to upload / update my travelogue page (current backlog is July of 2002!) I plan to get all that accomplished before the New Year.

I am also playing with the thought of doing something else on the side, perhaps web page design for some friends who need them - except this time I will be doing it for a price. Yup you heard it here first - no more freebie web sites from Lewis! If it works out I plan to shift some of my focus in life on things I like to do, instead of things I always end up doing... sounds very stange, but expect an explanation in the next week or two.

Funny ad


My friend Sylvia sent me this funny Heineken ad from Korea. Not sure if it is P.C. enough to broadcast in the United States, since these days everyone is sue-happy.

The mpeg is about 2.25 Mb, so apologies to those who would like to watch it via dialup...

let it snow let it snow let it snow

Homeland Security...?

Having my morning coffee while surfing the net, and I stumbled upon this article...


Being that I also take pictures with my digital camera while I travel for business, sometimes of the skyline, buildings, or just passerbys in general, I wonder if this will ever happen to me...?

While on the subject of homeland security -vs- personal rights (or the lack thereof), another article regarding the wireless networks and (yes again) the subject of homeland security:

Wired News: Feds Label Wi-Fi a Terrorist Tool

Hmmmm. is up again!

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下禮拜在PENNSYLVANIA作事, 明天 3:15下午的飛機出發, 下禮拜天回MINNEAPOLIS.
Hello all - I am off to Pittsburgh tomorrow for an installation that will last an entire week - departing tomorrow afternoon and wont be back to Minneapolis until the following Sunday.

Hopefully I will not travel next week - really need a week at home as I am quite burnt out from flying everywhere.

On the road again...


下禮拜在芝加哥作事, 明天一大早7:00的飛機提早去, 碰巧Dieter也在芝加哥, 可以跟他吃飯, 見見面. 應該禮拜三下午回Minneapolis.

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